11 March 2012

{GETS} F21 + H&M

From my shopping trip yesterday. I went with $90, and came back home with $5. ; o;
polka-dot shirt - h&m

chiffon maxi skirt - f21
I really love this shirt. I've been wanting a maxi skirt for the longest time, and now I finally have one! So happy ~

skull print tank - h&m
I've also been looking for skull print stuff. My eyes practically lit up when I saw this shirt.

striped asymmetrical button-up tank
I grabbed the wrong size of this shirt. It's a size too small for me, so I may return it or see if my mom can fit it.

cropped lace tank - f21
love this

mint sleeveless button up tunic - h&m
I  love the color of this. It's a really cute mint color which I think is perfect for spring. Unfortunately, my camera didn't pick up the mint color.

{DIY} some DIYed pieces I did a couple weeks ago

five great pieces for summer!

ls stormy rust-colored shirt
(originally all black)

bleached striped shirt
(originally navy blue and cream)

destroyed dip dyed paint splatter shorts
(originally boy-fit jeans)

destroyed black high-waisted denim shorts
(originally black jeans)

destroyed dip dyed shorts
(originally boot-cut jeans)

I'm planning on adding studs on my shorts! I just have to wait for them to be delivered.... = n="

Okay, now for a gets post!

03 March 2012

{REVIEW} Princess Mimi/Bambi in Chocolate Brown (from HoneyColor)

in the case

with flash
without flash

Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown ~ Review
I ordered them off HoneyColor and they were delivered about 2-3 weeks after I placed my order. It’s not bad, considering they came from Malaysia. I really like these. The site says they’re 15mm, but I’m a bit skeptical about that. They seem like they might be 14.5-14.7mm to me.
  • Color: 9/10 these blend nicely. The only problem is they don’t look natural at all. If you’re looking for something very natural I don’t recommend this. In photos they show up kind of reddish, but in person they’re a lovely chocolate brown - the name is very fitting. The color just depends on the lighting and such.
  • Enlargement: 8/10 pretty big to me. It’s a very noticeable difference.
  • Comfort: 7/10 these are comfy enough, but I can’t wear them for more than five hours. Compared to my EOS lenses, these are no where near as comfy. My eyes get dry very easily with these on, so I find myself using eye drops every couple hours.
Overall: 8/10
Alright, hope you enjoyed.