17 July 2014

{DIY} American flag shorts

So I was commissioned to make these shorts for a classmate last summer and I've finally gotten around to making a DIY post on them. These shorts are super easy to make, all you need are a few things!


  • pair of white shorts
  • blue and red fabric paint
  • paint brush
  • (optional) masking tape
  • star/square studs 

Basically tape off the areas you want to keep white. All areas marked with an A are the areas I taped off to keep white. All areas marked with a B I used the red fabric paint and all areas marked C I used the blue fabric paint on. After you let the paint dry you can then add whatever studs you want! This is actually a really easy project to do. If you try it, let me know what your results are!

17 November 2013

{REVIEW} Geo Tricolor / Angel Color / World Color Brown from Shoppingholics!


I don't know if you guys have been keeping up (since I've been on and off) but a couple months ago I got some new circle lenses! Today I have a review for the Geo Tri Color brown lenses! I already have the grey pair, which I really love, so I was super excited to try these!

Color: 5/5
These are so so pretty! I fell in love with the color right when I put them on. These are definitely more on the natural side too.
Comfort: 4/5
Very comfortable. I wear them for maybe 6-8 hrs a day and don't really need eye drops.
Enlargement: 0/5
Being 14.00mm, they really don't enlarge.
Overall: 4/5

I love these lenses so much! They're one of my favorite pairs I've owned so far. You can get them here.

12 March 2013

{WANT} more wants ; m;

pink 3ds xl

pink fujifilm instax mini 8

pink skeleton joker iphone case
ahhhhh so many things I want and no money to buy!!! I really wish I had a part time job :C