17 November 2013

{REVIEW} Geo Tricolor / Angel Color / World Color Brown from Shoppingholics!


I don't know if you guys have been keeping up (since I've been on and off) but a couple months ago I got some new circle lenses! Today I have a review for the Geo Tri Color brown lenses! I already have the grey pair, which I really love, so I was super excited to try these!

Color: 5/5
These are so so pretty! I fell in love with the color right when I put them on. These are definitely more on the natural side too.
Comfort: 4/5
Very comfortable. I wear them for maybe 6-8 hrs a day and don't really need eye drops.
Enlargement: 0/5
Being 14.00mm, they really don't enlarge.
Overall: 4/5

I love these lenses so much! They're one of my favorite pairs I've owned so far. You can get them here.

09 June 2013

{LIFE} some stuff from the past couple of months

Sorry I've been gone so long!! It was the last semester of school and now I'm FINALLY FREE!!! Super duper happy that it's summer time now! I'm gonna have a lot of free time so now I can go back to casually blogging. I'm sure I'll get to show you guys a bunch of DIY stuff and other fun stuff, so look out for that! Anyways, here's a bunch of photos from my phone that pretty much sum up what I've been doing. c:







Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed the pictures.