17 August 2014

{LIFE} FREE Amazon Prime for 6 months!

I know that for some of us school is approaching soon. I just want to share with you guys a really helpful service from Amazon that I've been using for the past couple of weeks to order things for school such as textbooks, notebooks, laptop accessories, etc. If you're going back to school soon you probably have a school email address that you're given. Using that email address you can sign up for Amazon Prime for free! You get your first six months free which means free 2-day shipping on all eligible products. This is insanely useful because instead of waiting a week to a month sometimes you get your products in two business days. I have ordered so much stuff and every time it has been delivered on time. I really recommend you guys sign up for this service since it's free. You can go here to sign up or click below!


To ensure that you don't get charged after your 6 months are over you can cancel your service immediately. If you need help doing so, let me know! I just cancelled my future service today so I will have until February 2nd, 2015 and then my free Prime membership will expire.

To sign up all you need is a school email address that ends in .edu. Once you sign up they will send you a confirmation link to your school email address that you click on and ta-da! Your membership is activated. In addition to free 2-day shipping you also get many college student deals, plus if/when you do decide to pay for your membership students get 50% off making it only $49 for year-long membership. And if you don't want to pay for your membership, that's fine, but you should still sign up to get the free 6 months! You have nothing to lose and honestly it's incredibly useful. If you're in high school this is still really useful. I know when I was in high school we were given school email addresses. You might as well make use of it!