04 August 2014

{GETS} VS/PINK haul!

So I went shopping last week and stopped by Victoria's Secret/PINK to get my free no show panty but I ended up buying a bunch of stuff. I'm really happy with my purchase though!

I ended up spending $80 total and they were having one of those deals where if you spend a certain amount you get something free with your purchase. This time it was a free getaway bag if you spend $75+. The getaway bag is retailed at $99 so it's definitely worth it if you're already buying stuff from them.

I got two lightly lined bras for $42 and my free no show panty ($9.50 at full price). If you don't feel like buying two they are $31 each I believe. The lightly lined bras from PINK are my favorite bras! They're incredibly comfortable and very smooth. I used to only buy push up bras but I've been transitioning to lightly lined/unlined bras. They are the most comfortable fit in my opinion! If you haven't signed up for PINK nation yet, you definitely should! They often mail you coupons for free panties which is always nice. There's no such thing as too much underwear in my opinion.

Next thing I got was a backpack for $50, which yes I know is pretty pricey. The most I've ever spent for a backpack before was $40, but I really liked the style of this one so I went for it. I loooooooove anything leopard print, I think it's incredibly sassy and cute! This backpack has three compartments and a laptop sleeve on the inside of the main compartment. There's a lot of space and I'm very excited to use this for my first year of college!

Like I said, if you spend $75+ you get a free getaway bag! I really love this bag; I think it's insanely useful! You could use it for vacations, the gym, sleepovers, etc. I used it for camp and it fit all my toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, contact lens solution, glasses, etc.), a comforter, sheets, and 4 days/3 nights worth of clothes, so yes it is very big. I wouldn't ever buy it for $99 but since I was already buying the other stuff it was really nice to get this as a bonus.

Well that's it for this haul, I'm in the process of editing my next haul post (yeah, I shop a lot for a broke college kid lol). I hope you guys liked this post! Let me know what you think in the comments.