28 July 2012

{GETS} today was a shopping day!!

Not for me really though. I just bought myself a camera. My mom bought me a bunch of clothes though!!

First I got some books. The cashier guy gave us this reusable bag for free too! Apparently if you buy a book you get the bag for free. The bag makes me chuckle.

striped tank; Cotton On = $2
floral tank; Cotton On = $5
striped tunic sweater; Woodleigh = $24.25
yellow trousers; Chadwick's = $4.50
high-waisted shorts; Lucca Couture = $10

I got a striped tank and a floral tank from Cotton On, a striped tunic sweater from Dillard's (who is having a 40% off everything sale right now!!!), a pair of yellow trousers and a pair of high-waisted shorts from a store called 1/2 of 1/2 (1/2 of 1/2 of 1/2 day!!) You know what though? The shorts are actually from a brand they sell at Urban Outfitters. I was so happy when I found them because even on clearance they're like $20 something still. So $10 was a total steal!!! But you know I really don't like that 1/2 of 1/2 store. It took me over an hour just to find those two pieces. Almost not worth it for me.

pretty open-toed floral flats
My mom also bought me a pair of floral flats from Dillard's. They were $14 and they were on sale!! I love them so much.

And then this morning I met up with a craigslist seller and got this beautiful baby. I got the Asahi Pentax K1000 body, a 50mm lens, a case, and 5 rolls of expired film for $30. The guy was so nice; he lowered the price for me out of no where!! I was supposed to pay $40. Ugh I love it so much. It's a film camera so it's different for me.

25 July 2012

{LIFE} Sgt. Frog!!

Today's post is about Sgt. Frog!! I have been watching this anime on Netflix for two days now (I've wasted like 5 hours on this show...) and I really like it. It's one of those "weird" animes, kind of like Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, if you've ever watched that before. I love watching these more funny animes every once in a while because they're more lighthearted and don't get me thinking. I usually just sit there giggling or laughing and saying "WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!" Okay, now I leave you with some Sgt. Frog pictures. I found them on the internet by searching on Google.


I'm also watching Binbougami Ga online, but episode 4 hasn't come out yet. :C I really like it so far. There are a few references to other shows which make it funny. It's got a good amount of comedy so far, although I can't say much about how I like it overall since there are only 3 episodes out.

Aw, now I want to watch Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

22 July 2012

{LIFE} I cannot be given money to spend....

Haha, although I'm joking (kind of) it's really true. I spend it too easily. I'm an emotional shopper... When I'm sad I buy stuff. When I'm bored I buy stuff. When I'm angry I buy stuff. When I'm happy I buy more stuff. It's no wonder why I never have money to go out with friends. And to make it worse, I haven't gotten a job yet. I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm at university. I'll probably be one of those people who live off of cheap ramen noodles. 

Well, yesterday I felt kind of like there was nothing going on in my life. I felt really sad because I felt like I was wasting all my time. Then I started browsing for stuff on ebay. Originally I was only going to buy one thing, but I somehow ended up purchasing seven things. I know, I know. But now I feel happy again, so the guilt is gone.

Okay, okay here is what I bought. Some things should come next week and others will come in 2-3 weeks.

10x stylus for iphone/ipod/ipad/etc
These styluses were the only thing I was supposed to buy, but then, well, you know. $3.98 for 10 of them. They're made of plastic, so I will have see how well these work when they get here.

korilakkuma cord holder
 I got two of these for $1.90. I almost got the ones that are pink in the middle instead of red, but those didn't have the button closure and they were a dollar more, I think. I'm not sure which ones are the real San-X ones, but this one seemed better because the button closure seems more secure than the magnet one. Plus, you get two of them.

dragon ear cuff
 After being in the electronics part, I somehow ended up looking for ear cuffs. This one caught my eye because 1) it cost $1.25 and 2) it was a dragon!! I really can't wait for this to come! I'm excited ~

spike tassel ear cuff
 I really love spikes. If something has spikes on it then it catches my eye. This was $2.59.

skull tassel ear cuff
 I love skulls. My mom thinks I'm kind of a punk...haha. This was $1.99.

spike +chain ear cuff +hair comb
I saw one of these on ASOS first, but I think it was pretty expensive so I never got it. But then I found it on ebay and I was like "OMG MUST BUY NOW." This was $2.69.
cross tassel ear cuff
I am a sucker for anything with a cross on it. My collection of cross things has grown over the summer. It's still small, but this obsession is one that is going to stick with me, FOREVER. I'm not a die-hard Christian or anything; I just love things with crosses on them. In fact, I'm wearing a shirt with a cross on it as I type this post. This cost $1.69.

In total I spent about $16. Everything had free shipping though!! And it's all coming from China. Okay, after reading through this post I understand why my mom thinks I'm punky. Haha, but I'm really not! Far from it actually. I just like some edgy things. I mostly like to dress in the more cutesy way, okay? I guess I just like a lot of things. Yeah, what is style and where can I find it on ebay.

That's it for this post ~ see ya next time! Hopefully some of my stuff will arrive next week and I can show you guys ~

21 July 2012

{LIFE} spicy tuna rolls!

I made spicy tuna rolls for dinner! They were good, but I could only eat one. They're very filling!  I used Eki's spicy tuna recipe (yes, I know I used Eki's recipe for the match latte post too, haha) found here. Eki is one of my favorite bloggers and I love when she has recipe posts! I also like Cristina's/Hystericbynature's blog. A+ bloggers, haha. But really, they are two of my favorite bloggers out there! I have a lot of favorite bloggers, haha. You should go check out their blogs, if you haven't already.

green onions


tuna (it looks really light here, huh? it was actually a very dark pink, but my camera didn't pick it up)



put everything together in a bowl!

...aaaaaand mix!

then spread out and roll!
Okay, that's it for this post. See ya next time ~

{LIFE} matcha milk latte +keys

Hello ~ today I made a matcha milk latte after dinner. It was very good! I used Eki's recipe here, but I used creamer instead of condensed milk. I didn't have any condensed milk on hand, so I had to make do. Worked out fine, although I think with condensed milk it would've had a sweeter taste. Oh well, next time! I'll have to go to Walmart for some groceries tomorrow anyway, so maybe I will pick some up then?
ingredients! matcha powder, hazelnut creamer, and Silk almond milk
green and delicious!! hehe
On to the next part of this post! Yesterday my mom bought me a car!! I'm so happy and grateful to her (even though she can be very irritating when "teaching" me how to drive -- but hey, I guess I'm still going through that teenage angst stage; I still love her nonetheless) for paying for it. Now that I have a car I got to reorganizing my keys and keychains that I'm using. Everything matches and it's not as heavy as it used to be, yay ~ I wanted to show you guys my keychains because they make me smile when I feel sad. It's kind of like when babies play with keys they get happy. I guess I'm still a baby deep down, hehe... 

here's my keys ~ are they cuuuute or what?!

kitty necklace

I like to keep my black cat necklace on my keys when I don't feel like wearing it because I really don't want to lose this necklace. It's so cute and I love it so much! I don't have cats, but I used to when I lived in California and I really want to get a kitty again.

Tinkerbell key chain
 I really like this keychain; it's sooo pretty! My cousins got it for me when they went to Disneyland. I've always wondered how they make these though.

pink kuma with bells
 It's pink. I love pink. It was love at first sight, haha. I got this at H-Mart for around $4-5, I think. Maybe $3, not really sure anymore, but I love H-Mart! They have lots of kuma keychains and Sanrio stuff and Studio Ghibli too.

white fluff keychain
 I got this from Strapya. They might still have it for sale, but I'm not too sure. You should definitely check out Strapya though! They sell lots of cute phone charms and keychains. It's a bit pricey at $8/ charm, but it's because they get their stuff from Japan and it's so cute. Strapya is the only place where I can find these super cute ones. I also got a Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma phone charm from them and they are big!! Maybe I will show it in another post, but for now you can only imagine. They are bigger than my phone though....

DIYed glitter key

car key!
 I drive a Scion, my "dream first car". 

koala keychain from Taiwan
 This one is super cute, I must say. It's got a bell in its tummy so when it moves it makes a cute tinkle noise! I got this as a gift from Taiwan. I really wish they sold stuff like this in the states for cheap. 

Okay, that's all for this post ~ I hope you enjoyed it! What do your keys look like? Do you like to coordinate them and try to make things match? Or do you like to put everything on it?

See ya ~