03 August 2015

{LIFE} what I've been up to lately!

some yummy food shots from my insta!

my lil babies

things I treated myself to: lush+kiehl's and purity ring!

cancun with the fam!

more fam time


 more purity ring

my star guardian baby

I've been enjoying my summer so far, and I'm really disappointed that I have about three weeks left until I go back to school. But this semester I'm going to be working on my nursing prereqs, so I'm very excited about that! Last year I spent a lot of time thinking that I didn't want to study to become a pharmacist and that I wanted to do something where I get to directly interact with people. I love helping people so I finally decided on going into nursing after my second semester of college! Now I'm really excited to go back and I'm happy because there are a lot of options after I become an RN if I choose to continue going to school. I'm just glad I figured things out during my freshman year of college. I'm a little bit behind and I think I might have to take an extra semester to graduate on time, but I'm hopeful that I can play catch up this year and apply for the nursing program next fall!
I'm going to try to be more active on this blog too. I already have a couple of DIY posts for you guys that I'm working on right now!

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See ya soon,