21 January 2013

{WANT} first wants post!

Lately I've been seeing things that make me say "wow I really want that, I should totally save up for it!" but when I finally get enough money for those things, I spend it on other stuff because I've forgotten what I wanted in the first place! I think it's great to have things down on a list because it helps you keep track of where you are and it's like having mini goals! So here are some things I'm currently saving up for!
omg there's so much to love about this pair of shoes for me. It's black. It's comfortable. It's so versatile. And it's VELVET! I'm so in love with velvet anything. I can see myself wearing these with so many things in my closet right now.

I love this case so much. I'm really in love with the skull, but I also really like the floral design in the background. It takes away a little bit of the creepiness the skull gives off without ruining the design.

UGHHHHH. I keep seeing this hat all over tumblr and I get a little frustrated that it's not in my possession. I want it sooooo bad. It's just...perfect.

Okay, that's all for this post ~ let me know if you guys like these and I'll try to do them more often! See ya ~ <3 p="p">