20 January 2013

{GETS} recent eBay buys!!

Hi guys!! It's been so long! I wasn't expecting to drop blogging after starting school. But it happened. What can you do, you know ~. Anyways I'm back with a short little post showing you guys some of the things I've bought from eBay since August.

First of all, when I got my new phone I went a little crazy for cases. I've always wanted an iPhone for a) the internet and b) the phone cases! So I kind of bought a whole bunch. This isn't even all of it, but since this is specifically an ebay post I'll just show the ones I got from there. And then I also bought a pair of bows, a backpack, and a case for my new iPad mini (which I'm in love with. I'm working on an iPad/iPhone apps post for you guys)!!

Hope you guys enjoy ~ I've included links to the exact items I bought (or at least the ones still up) so you guys can check them out on ebay! If there aren't any links try searching for them. Sorry I can't provide links to all! eBay doesn't give me access to all the past items I've bought...

 pastel pink KoKo Cat iPhone 4 case

baby pink KiKi Kitty iPhone 4 case

 bread scented bun iPhone 4 case. very fragile. mine is ripped in 3 places because I wasn't careful with it.

 bumper cases. these are actually really protective (around the sides).

pink melty choco case. one of my faves!!

blue Mong monkey case. my sister said this one jammed her lock button! be aware before you buy it

black KoKo Cat case. super cute. I really love cat cases.

cute and creepy red leatherette eyeball bow clips. these are super cute. I love them! <3 p="p">