12 September 2012

{REVIEW} Geo Tricolor / Angel Color / World Color Grey from Shoppingholics!


packaging!! everything was packaged very nicely! <3 td="td">

cute little notes ~

everything they sent me! All I ordered were the lenses in the boxes! Everything else they sent me for free!!!

the pairs I ordered! guess what they are!

opened the grey ones first and put them in the grey case

with flash

natural light

Color: 5/5 these are soooo pretty in person! I've gotten so many compliments on these!
Design: 4/5 the design is very nice and it blends in well
Enlargement: 3/5 they're 14.00mm so they're not supposed to make your eyes look that much bigger. Even so, these still make my eyes just a little bit bigger.
Comfort: 4/5 I get discomfort after maybe 6 hours of wear, but I always carry eye drops around with me so no worries.

I honestly love this pair. I've been wearing these for a little over 2 weeks now. At first I was afraid it'd make my eyes too light and I'd look phantom-like, but when I put them in they looked so nice and natural. I wear these every day and as long as I wash my hands before putting them in, they go in easily without discomfort.

Now onto the store review! I cannot express how much I LOVE Shoppingholics!! This was my first time ordering from them and they have excellent service! I have ordered from other places and they cannot compare to Shoppingholics. I just...can't. I was so happy when I opened my package because EVERYTHING was packed nicely. Every. Thing. Nothing was broken and I didn't have to worry about a thing. When I first ordered them I was worried that they'd break on the way here or overheat in this Texas weather. But none of that happened! I did have to go pick up my package (or I could've had it redelivered, but I was too excited). AND I GOT SO MUCH FREE STUFF WTF. NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN FREE THINGS. They gave me two animal cases (which match with my lenses; coincidence or whaaaat? I think not c; ), a pack of TWO pink dariya hair sheets, another pack of blue hair sheets, and also a golden collagen eye mask. Crazy or what?! For me to buy one of those hair sheets is like $5 each here. Then the cases are like $3 here. And then the eye mask is like $2. THEY SENT ME $15 IN FREE STUFF. OMFG. YOU GUYS. How can you resist now?

Hope you enjoyed this post ~ I know it's been a while since I've blogged.