13 August 2012

{NOTW} first NOTW! lilac tips

colors I used

start with bare nails
paint your base coat; I used Julep's Emma on my nails -- it's a nudy slightly sparkly color
put your tape in place as your guide
paint your tips with your color of choice; I used Julep's Renee
slowly take off your tape
apply a top coat, clean up a bit and you're done!
Yay, my first NOTW post! It's been a couple months since I've painted my nails, actually maybe 3 months to be more precise. Quite a while, huh? I've been letting my nails heal from my excessive painting the past couple years (literally had polish on 6/7 days of the week). Yeah, I kind of neglected taking care of my nails for quite a while...

Well, since it's been a while since I've done anything with my nails, I thought I'd do something simple but pretty. Aaaaaand since my new Julep polishes came in, I figured I'd use those! Overall I really like these nails ~ next time I'll try something more difficult, but for now enjoy these ~

Oh, I would like to show some of my past nail designs to you guys. But not today, maybe tomorrow or the day after. I need to get all the pictures together first ; o;

Okay, that's all ~ now I'm going to go and start on my blog header then I'll be off to bed. Good night <3 div="div">