12 August 2012

{REVIEW} Nail polish for A PENNY?!?!

That's right, A PENNY! Can't believe it, right? Neither could I, hehe!! All you girls are gonna love this deal ~ first I'll jump into the review.

my box came!! it only took four days
welcome note
I got the "American Beauty" intro box
what's this? a bag within a box? whaaaaaaat??
contents of the box
inside the bag 
dum dum dah dah!! nail polish is nicely wrapped in bubble wrap
omg so pretty!!! 
swatch #1: Renee, one coat
swatch #2: Emma, top--one coat; bottom--two coats
Overall, I really like these polishes. The colors are beautiful and I don't have to put gobs on like I do with my drugstore brand polishes. Quality-wise, these are as good as, if not better than, OPI polishes. The only problem I have is how small the bottles are!! You get half the amount of normal polishes. At $15 for each bottle it's pretty damn pricey. But if you get the boxes instead you get a better deal!! I believe you get 2-3 polishes for only $20!! Much better than spending $15 on one bottle of polish.

So now you're probably wondering how it was possible to get two polishes AND a pedi cream for only one cent, including shipping. Well, that's easy! Go to Julep, take the style quiz, and then use the code "MAVENINTRO" at checkout to get your first intro box for a penny, plus get free shipping!! Amazing deal, right? 

Before you get started, I feel there are some things I need to tell you. Julep is one of those subscription type things, almost like subscribing to a magazine. What does that mean? Well it basically means you sign up for their monthly box they will send you. Every month they ship you a new box with products. When they do this they will charge you the 27th of each month. If you don't like the month's box you can choose to skip the month and the bill between the 20th and 24th. You'll get an e-mail the 20th of every month reminding you that you've subscribed and that they will bill you the 27th, if you choose to get that month's box. Easy, right? And if you don't want to stay subscribed you can easily cancel your membership and still keep what you've gotten.

Well, what are you waiting for?