03 August 2012

{LIFE} I went on ebay again...

I couldn't help myself!! I don't even know how I ended up on ebay. I think I was on someone's blog and saw that they bought some cute tights and then I somehow ended up there. I don't know, haha. I didn't spend too much though! I just bought some stuff for my ipod, hehe.

pink kuma ipod case
Honestly, who can resist this case?! It was way too cute!! I would always see these for the iphone in those cute little Asian boutiques down in K-town and they'd be like $50 and I would be like But now I have one for myself and I'm so happy it was less than $10!!

mirror screen protectors x3
Then I got some screen protectors because the one I have on my ipod now is all scratched up.

Yay, that's all for this post ~ kind of short, huh? Don't worry, I will be back soon ~. Some of my ebay stuff should be coming today or early next week so I can show you guys, wheeee.

Until then <3 p="p">