10 August 2012

{LIFE} Austin trip +4th of July


Hi you guys!! ♥ My afternoon is free and I'm in a good mood, so I thought I'd write up this blog post for you guys! I've been wanting to write this one for a while, but I never got around to importing the pictures to my computer. I finally did it though!! So here is my trip to Austin and my 4th of July in pictures ~

On the first day we drove through Round Rock and stopped for some donuts. At Round Rock Donuts they have huuuuuuuuuge donuts!!! There was a donut there that was bigger than my head!
giant donut!!!!!
Once we got to Austin we stopped at CoCo's Cafe for some food and boba.
fried tofu, onion pancake, and my milk tea
After that, we toured the UT campus on our own. I really want to go to UT when it's time for me to go to college! The campus is soooo pretty and there are so many little stores and restaurants around the area. Hopefully in a couple years I will get in!!

UT campus map; looks kind of like Texas, but upside down!!
on campus--it's really pretty!

After we toured the UT campus, we walked around the shops beside it.

some shops
some more shops
inside the co-op
 After shopping we walked around the city for a while. There were lots of interesting things on the buildings and streets.

I thought this was funny
CoCo's cafe was cute
I got a t-shirt from the co-op
 After that, we went into the capitol building. This was my second time going there!

the capitol building
there is a star on the roof of the building

Later that afternoon we went and did a bunch of eating. We ate little bits from places like The Snack Bar and some food trucks.

This dip was really good!! The left half was hummus and the right half was eggplant. Usually I hate eggplant, but I loved this dip.
more cute stuff on buildings

a bunch of posters

food trucks!!! 
haha, the sign on the might cone food truck


I really wanted to take that giant cupcake ; o;
fries in a cone from the mighty cone truck
snow cone; we got frog in a blender flavor
bratwurst; it was really good, omg I'm salivating just remembering 
the bratwurst; split for five people LOL

Next we got in the car to go to Barton Springs, which was basically a large natural swimming area. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it, but I can tell you about it! It was very nice but verrrry cold since we went around 8pm-ish. There are fish in the water and also crawfish and other creatures, so it's just like swimming in a lake. The water was very refreshing and didn't feel slimy at all (like the lake does, er at least to me).

tiny bicycle thing we saw on the road! I still don't know exactly what it was...
The next day we got up early and had banh mi for breakfast. Then we went to a bakery and got some cupcakes.

After the bakery, we went shopping at the San Marcos outlet mall. While we were there I got a bunch of stuff!! We also got some froyo from Orange Leaf.

Later that evening we went for a little hike. The place where we hiked had a bunch of peacocks! It was a nature/wildlife preserve that you could hike in. The peacocks were so loud, but soooo pretty!!

this nice house out in the woods on the water

the view at the top of the hill we hiked; rich people are able to live in such nice houses on this lake

I spent the 4th of July with my cousins at our local park. It was hot and there were ants, but it was nice.

some bugs made this bokeh effect.

Okay, that's all ~ I hope you enjoyed this post. If you ever decide to visit Texas you should definitely go to Austin!! Or you could go to Dallas and then visit me with gifts, hehe.... C;

Until next time!