11 March 2012

{GETS} F21 + H&M

From my shopping trip yesterday. I went with $90, and came back home with $5. ; o;
polka-dot shirt - h&m

chiffon maxi skirt - f21
I really love this shirt. I've been wanting a maxi skirt for the longest time, and now I finally have one! So happy ~

skull print tank - h&m
I've also been looking for skull print stuff. My eyes practically lit up when I saw this shirt.

striped asymmetrical button-up tank
I grabbed the wrong size of this shirt. It's a size too small for me, so I may return it or see if my mom can fit it.

cropped lace tank - f21
love this

mint sleeveless button up tunic - h&m
I  love the color of this. It's a really cute mint color which I think is perfect for spring. Unfortunately, my camera didn't pick up the mint color.